Updated: Jun 9, 2020

April 2020

The time has come for the economies of the world to step by step reopen.

There are still uncertainties, the unknown can be scary. Many small businesses have already put the key under the door, and it will happen to many more in the coming months.

In the entertainment industry, the damages have been colossal. Some projects on standby for a couple of months will resume, some will be abandoned while others on pre-prod will never see the day.

A new way of working together is appearing, new habits to take, new processes serving the same vision we always had, entertaining.

With this “new normal”, a question is emerging: Will those new processes cost productions more?

Financing has always been difficult to obtain, with capital availability reduced, the chase for production money is harder.

In this environment, the mission of Music Partner is more essential than ever. With its revolutionary model, producers using Music Partner services, will save on the cost of their music needs, whether scoring, music design or music track selection.

Moreover, Music Partner shares the music publishing revenues with producers when their projects are broadcasted, turning their soundtracks into a source of income. On top of it, you interact with a team of composers and music producers, understanding storytelling, dedicated to your needs and reactive to your demands, you are not alone. Producers and filmmakers are not clients, they are partners.

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