Updated: Apr 14, 2020

April 2020

The health crisis is global, and much is being reported about its devastating reach and consequences. The pain and suffering from it or from others going through it, the loss of a loved one, the uncertainty of everyone’s health and economic future.

It is in these circumstances that the best in human nature is manifesting itself.

There are the expected donations from celebrities: George and Amal Clooney giving a substantial some of money, so is Oprah Winfrey and many others. Some will give time and status to raise money for association helping those in needs, Leonardo Dicaprio or Ben Affleck. The professional sport community is getting involved too.

The most remarkable is the response from just about anyone wanting to make a positive difference. Anonymous individuals taking matter in their own hands.

A sail maker in South Freeport Maine converting his sawing machine to make masks with donated fabrics.

A bunch of neighborhood kids baking cakes for EMS workers, restaurants owners and Chef, whose only source of revenue would be from their clients coming for lunch and dinner, cooking free meals to deliver to hospital medical teams while the possibility of not being able to reopen is looming large. Some landlords across the U.S deciding not to collect rents for a month or two, Gift baskets given to families specially affected during the religious holidays. Musicians actors and singers performing free live streaming concert while Broadway, concert halls and clubs are closed. It surely isn’t the same than being together with thousands of other fans, but it warms up the heart.

We have recognized the difficult tasks doctors and nurses are facing putting themselves in constant danger, we should also recognize the work done by markets and super markets employees, shelving the everyday goods we all need, the cashiers who often have to reuse the same mask over the course of a few days.

These are just samples of the goodness everyday people are showing in times of adversity.

Then there is New York City. Hard hit, the city has borrowed the Italian spirit, creating what has become a tradition since mid-March. At 7pm every day, New Yorkers are opening their windows or stepping on their balcony to clap hands, hit pots and pans with wooden spoons, whistle and scream, in recognition for the services provided by the first responders and medical employees in those extremely difficult times.

Generosity is universal. What’s happening in North America is happening in many other places. Let’s hope this crisis ends soon and the goodness of human nature keeps on manifesting itself through numerous acts of kindness.