Updated: Jun 5, 2020

March 2020

The dominant news affecting our industry, and many others, is the damage inflicted by coronavirus. Not only to those infected with the virus but the collateral damages linked from trying to slow its propagation.

While many of us confined at home are consuming shows on TV, productions worldwide have been halted, postponed or even cancelled. Popular show productions such as FX Fargo have been pushed with no precision on when it will resume. The anticipated new James Bond “No Time to Die” release, is now scheduled for this fall. All companies serving the entertainment industry are affected, Network TV, cable channels and streaming platforms are reorganizing their programs schedule, not knowing when new material would be available.

Regal Cinemas network closing its doors, The Rolling Stones “No Filter Tour” American dates have been cancelled. I always thought that seeing a bunch of septuagenarian moving on stage was a little risky in normal times, imagine now... All gathering for festivals or club and theater performances are cancelled.

Music composers who have been retained to score a feature, documentary or series are still working but unsure if their composition will be used.

This sudden and rapid spread of the virus has taken us by surprise, disrupting our everyday life. It is hard to see a silver lining in all of this; the unknown is fueling fears about how long it will last but we should remain as positive as we can, hoping a return to normal as soon as possible.