Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Mai 2020

Remi Desroques is a French professional musician who has dedicated his career to compose for storytellers. As a kid, Remi showed interest in music which was encouraged by his parents who enrolled him in music education programs.

The business of music became serious when step by step, Remi created his own recording studio.

His creative process is never the same, Remi uses his own life experience where he sources his inspiration from. He is now working in Paris where he lives but has lived in Japan and the West Coast of the United States.

To fully understand what filmmakers and producers have in mind, Remi likes to discuss other films and soundtracks that have moved them, specific challenges they overcome, picking their mind, to get what Directors are looking for.

If rough cuts are available, it is always a better indication to the process of scoring, but Remy can work as well with a clear description of the story.

His challenge is to find the right melody. No matter how good arrangements are, if the melody is not catching the ears of the audience, Remi would not be satisfied.

While living in Seattle in the mid-2000s, Remi had worked with Blake Lewis who would later become a finalist on the 2007 season of American Idol.

His influences and inspirations are going from Mark Isham for the simplicity yet effective compositions, especially the score of “Life as a House,” to Frederic Chopin, for how feelings and emotions are expressed through his music, via Hans Zimmer who can do it all.

Remi has worked on the Netflix series “Inside the Criminal Mind”

His working setup is rather simple, a powerful computer loaded with sound banks using Sonar as a platform, a fully weighted keyboard controller, a 16-channel mixing table, microphones, effects, all connected in a soundproof studio.

When talking about a dream setup, Remi is rather satisfied with what he has, he only wishes to have more space for a grand piano.

Remi is mixing his own music and delivers it on stereo and stems. He is a one man show, doing it all from composing to mastering.

Remi renovated his studio recently using foam panels to absorb the natural echo of the room, making his studio a comfortable place to work.

Remi wanted to work with Music Partner because of its innovative concept, believing in its vision, and his longtime relationship with CEO Philippe Falliex with whom Remi worked before. You may check samples of Remi’s music on the Music Partner library!artist?id=404479