March 2021

Olivier Soubeyran is a member of the Music Partner team of composers.

Music has been Olivier's passion since he was 5, when listening to a family member: Etienne Peclard, a distinguished cellist who aroused his interest for the instrument and music in general.

it is in Paris that Olivier created his studio and records most of his compositions, but he is also an artist in demand, touring with various formations, playing the cello, electric bass and upright bass.

While attending the music conservatory of Angers in France, Olivier was the bass player of a rock and pop band, playing many different classics especially from the Beatles repertoire. Simultaneously, he was the double bass player of the conservatory jazz band. It is at this very time, Olivier knew he would make music his profession, thus after his cello award, he enrolled in the Los Angeles Music Institute and studied for 18 months in California. Back to France, he began his career as a professional musician, composer and session artist.

His creative process often begins with a harmonic suite or color which he finds interesting to elaborate upon. It may be an existing piece with a part that Olivier would want to rearrange becoming the starting point of his creation.

When approached by a Director for the commission of a score, Olivier wants to fully understand the expectations of the Director, the artistic path to composing the soundtrack. He likes being driven and provides what is expected. If asked, Olivier will give his opinion and may suggest another option.

Olivier likes to see rough cuts, first, to evaluate whether he connects with the story, then, to calibrate his inspiration accordingly. Sequences timing can be challenging, editing music to follow and support the storyline is key.

Olivier sources his inspiration in many places. One composer has been a constant reference: JS. Bach. The "mathematic" patterns of his compositions yet, always surprising and even modern. The classical music education Olivier received is today a major help in his approach to music. One of his favorite movie score is "7 years in Tibet" composed by John Williams. From the orchestration to the cello solo, the different sound textures going from full volume to intimist, with an exceptionally large place occupied by the string ensemble, as a cellist and upright bassist, Olivier is naturally drawn to Williams compositions.

When asking Olivier for an anecdote, he confesses that long time ago, he found the inspiration and wrote down a melody he is especially proud of. After tweaking it, he later played it to his wife who recognized Michel Legrand score of "A Summer 42". He had to admit the theme was similar and while disappointed by the similarities, he felt rather proud to have come-up with the piece.

Olivier excels in emotional and intimist compositions, the cello is a particularly effective instrument to convey romanticism, sadness, and many other emotions. Beyond JS. Bach and John Williams, his eclectic taste makes Olivier a versatile composer, listening to "Sting" or "Portishead". One of his latest work is an album named "Mangocello" published by Music Partner. In it, Olivier showcases beautiful pieces on the cello, jazzy / world with a Latin touch.


This album is a perfect synthesis of his influences, gathering the rigor of classical music and the freedom of jazz.

Olivier enjoys working with Music Partner which welcomes compositions written for the cello. He particularly likes the artistic freedom Music Partner provides.

His working setup is based on Logic Pro X, sound cards Echo, Neuman and Schoeps microphones, Focusrite preamplification and Yamaha monitors. Olivier is looking to acquire an Apogee sound card.

He records and mixes his own music, delivering it mainly in stereo. Mixing is an interesting process for Olivier who recognizes the challenge in getting it right.

Computers have become indispensable to today's music creation. Olivier always worked with them.

You may listen to samples of Olivier Soubeyran's music at the following link.