Updated: Aug 11, 2020

August 2020

Oleg Smirnov is a Los Angeles based composer, Berklee graduate, and a voting member for the Recording Academy (Grammy).

Oleg Smirnov music education began when he was 7 in the highly disciplined and academic learning of the Russian school of classical music.

Step by Step, Oleg got interested in contemporary music and perfected his education in Boston at the Berklee College of music. Strong with a broad range of knowledge from craft to business, Oleg’s career was already in good speed, having produced a few albums in various genres.

While music is his passion, other learnings have attracted Oleg’s attention. He holds a master’s degree in psychology and Culture Studies, which are probably helping him in both the craft and the business side of music. The path leading to be a professional in the music industry is never easy, but Oleg is showing that learning in conjunction with hard work is paying off.

He eventually settled in Los Angeles where he created his own studio facility where he composes and produces music for the entertainment industry.

Oleg composing process is rarely the same from a project to another however, his priority is always to fully understand the objective and vision surrounding the project he is solicited for.

When meeting with a Director for the first time, Oleg would rather listen to details relevant to the storyline first, building better foundations for his musical inspiration, providing the outcome sought-after by the Director. It is often a challenge, Directors have a very clear understanding of what they are looking for, hitting “bull’s eyes” the first time is not easy.

The spectrum of artists who are inspiring to Oleg is large. His classical education brought him to study and appreciate the music of Bach or Tchaikovsky, more contemporary Claude Debussy or Maurice Ravel all the way to the very contemporary Philip Glass. Smirnov composes in a variety of genres, pop, jazz, electronic but the best genre for him is always the one fitting the storyline.

Oleg’s score of reference is the one written by British composer Gustav Holst for a series called; “Planets”. He states every film composer should study these pieces for their artistry and effectiveness in sound illustration.

Oleg has many credits and references. When asking for his proudest work, he humbly disclosed that he does not like to talk about his own work and would rather let his work do the talking.

In the meantime, he fully produced 8 albums of his music, scored demos for Disney, the docu-series: “A Ticket to the Bolshoi”, Oleg is also composing for web series such as “Earth Hour” for Greenpeace or Commercials campaign for WWF. Some of the shorts he scored collected an array of awards at international film festivals.

Among his influences, Oleg mentions Brian Eno, Arvo Part, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Williams, Robert Fripp to mention a few.

While Oleg can compose in all genres including epoch specific, he particularly enjoys scoring for drama, sci-fi, and adventure.

Oleg Smirnov is mostly working in his own production suite, fully equipped using “Logic” as a platform with “Ableton” and learning new software such as “Luna”, staying on top of the technology.

When conducting an orchestra or string ensemble, he uses commercial studios large enough for such recordings.

The most difficult challenge technically is to reproduce the realism of a full orchestra with digital tools. Not all productions have the necessary budget for a full orchestra but, Oleg has his bag of tricks. When mastering is over, most of us will never know.

The music composed by Oleg is fully produced by himself, mixing and mastering included. He delivers his music in any requested format.

Computers have become indispensable in today’s music production. Oleg’s classical education makes him prefer the old fashion way, writing the score on paper but when pressured with time, he uses the “Finale” notation software.

We asked Oleg what prompt him to work with Music Partner:

Throughout his career, he found that collaborating with nice and competent people brings the most satisfying experiences.

Music Partner is happy and proud to count Oleg Smirnov as a composer partner

Oleg Smirnov is a voting member of the Recording Academy.

Samples of Oleg’s music are available at this link: