Updated: Dec 2, 2020

November 2020

Michael Tavera is an American composer, born and raised in Los Angeles where he settled his studio.

His connection with music started when Michael was 4 years old, his father bought a piano and indicated that he and his sibling will take piano lessons.

Surprisingly, Michael enjoyed the experience of learning, respecting the chronology of musical theory while most kids are looking for shortcuts to have fun.

These lessons paved the way to his interest in music to finally make music his career.

His professional career started from a rebellion. The rigorous discipline of classical interpretation leaving no room for player’s input. Being judged as a classical pianist. Michael wanted to experience beyond the classical repertoire.

Step by step Michael put a few ideas together and felt liberated musically. The composing, the songwriting, the storytelling. It really started there, the impact music can have on a story drove Michael in that direction and he never looked back.

Michael Tavera creative process begins with a clear understanding of what the Director/Producer is looking for. Is there any reference they are thinking of, the objective is to develop a trust relationship where the first themes composed are matching the expectations? The especially important work for Michael is at the beginning, involving Directors in the creative process. When all the parameters are established, the rest becomes easy.

More often than none, when the relationship is established, Directors/Producers who have worked with Michael in the past, would give him the necessary information and trust his inspiration however, the first communication with a Director before being hired is oriented on the past experiences of Michael. Is Michael’s body of work in the spirit of what the Director is looking for?

This can be a little frustrating at time, being “classified” while you know you can produce music in any given genre.

Ultimately, the best work comes when Directors are involved in guiding, encouraging, suggesting, in other words, working hand in hand with the composer. Michael recognizes the importance of the first exchanges with the Director, the essential information provided by both parties and the tests, musical mock-ups to reassure the Director.

Unlike many composers who find a specific part of the process more challenging than the others, Michael finds the entire process challenging and embraces that challenge which motivates his creative approach. Every project is different presenting its own set of challenges. Michael is diving in it and will not submit a musical piece until he is fully satisfied with it.

Michael finds inspiration in music that has an authentic voice, no matter the style, genre, mood, or origin. He likes to be surprised with new ideas, there is always something new to learn, to work on. Michael takes pride when Directors and Producers are acknowledging their satisfaction with the music he composed and delivered.

His influences and references are divers: from John Williams to Jazzman Terence Blanchard, Thomas Newman, John Powell, Jonny Greenwood, Alan Silvestri or Bernard Herrmann.

Chances are you have already heard Michael’s work: Star Wars: Resistance-series

Guardians of the Galaxy-series, Walt Disney Imagineering - Theme Parks around the world, Lilo & Stitch - series and sequels, Tom & Jerry – sequels, The Land Before Time – sequels and many more. While Michael has been scoring a lot of animation projects, he is as comfortable creating for live features, documentaries, or TV series as well.

Michael’s working setup is composed of a Mac Pro with digital performer, an iMac, and a custom PC, all running the Vienna Ensemble Pro with 6, 4 and 4 SSDs for streaming samples, using mostly the Kontakt sample libraries. From time to time, Michael will direct musician’s ensemble in a recording studio for special projects.

He mixes his music and deliver it in whichever format requested. Computers have changed the life of composers for media, they are today the indispensable tools, the technology keeps no secrets to Michael.

His collaboration with Music Partner was born from his relationship with the CEO Philippe Falliex. Relationships are everything.

You may listen to samples of Michael Tavera’s music at the following link.