July 2020

Music Partner would like to congratulate Nora Hamdi for the upcoming release of her feature film: "La Maquisarde". (Sept 16, 2020)

A story of resistance during the Algerian independence war of the late 1950s, viewed through the eyes of Algerian and French women.

The film Nora directed reflects the story she wrote in a book published by Grasset in 2014. Often, stories taking place during war periods are depicting battles, victories or defeats and focus on male heroes whose actions led to historical events.

Nora's angle is different, her sensitivity is bringing attention to what simple women went through, during a period of intense turmoil between France and Algeria. If some of the wounds have healed, others have left visible scars.

The plot tells the story of a young Algerian woman who finds herself enrolled in the resistance. During an ambush, she is captured by the French Army and locked-up in an illegal interrogation facility, where she meets a French woman, former resistant.

We are also extending our congratulations to Jean Paul Le Goff, composer of the soundtrack which Music Partner is proud to be publisher of.

Jean Paul's music is brilliantly depicting the tension, drama, isolation, sadness and despair through the full range of these orchestral pieces. You can listen to the album here:!explorer?b=7257396