September 2020

Jean-Paul Le Goff is a French composer working in his Paris studio, whose sheer passion for music brought him to build a career with no formal education. His first interest in music started as a little kid, when he became mesmerized by the musical fairy tale composed by Prokofiev "Peter and the Wolf". As a teenager, Jean-Paul began to learn music through playing bass in various local rock bands. Step by step, his interest shifted to fusion and the exciting combination of rock with jazz and funk.

Eager to learn further, Jean-Paul enrolled in a music conservatory to perfect his knowledge of acoustic bass in jazz.

Rock and jazz were not his only interests, intrigued by world music and especially the roots of Indian folklore, he spent five years studying the rudiments of Indian percussion "Tabla" with Master Pandit Shankar Ghosh, who taught him not only the practice of the instrument but also the Indian music philosophy.

Since, Jean Paul has become a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar and piano as well.

His first professional experience with the music industry was to write compositions for a publishing company serving the TV networks. He was hooked and never looked back.

When Jean-Paul is commissioned to score a film, he first likes to read the script whenever possible or watch different sequences when available to immerse himself in the spirit of the story. The first conversations with the Director are about the story and the place of the music in it, what he or she wants to hear, what message the should the music convey. His aim is to add value to the Director's vision.

The next step is to imagine the overall sound, the moods, the atmosphere. Only then, inspiration starts to fuel Jean Paul's creativity, with the objective to deliver what the Director is looking for.

Jean Paul is a perfectionist and recognize the difficulty to translate emotions however, he always enjoys a good challenge.

Jean-Paul is a huge fan of Miles Davis, an artist having travelled the trends from bebop to post-bop, major actor of the contemporary jazz scene and at the origin of jazz fusion with rock and funk at the turn of the 1970s. This is no surprise, Davis has been one of the most prolific and furiously creative musician of the 20th century.

Jean-Paul sources his inspiration in many other places, listening to scores from Alexandre Desplat, Danny elfman, Jerry Goldsmith, Steve Reich and many more.

When asked if he has a favorite score, Jean Paul would rather not mention any, so many would qualified, but recognized the creative genius of John Williams.

Among the work he is the proudest of, is a project he began working on this year, composing music for poems about trees and their mythology around the world.

To his credit, Jean-Paul has worked on many projects, scoring features for theaters and TV such as "Paradise Shoi" from Damien Steck or "Vincent et Moi" or "La Tête et le Coeur" from Gael Breton and Edouard Cuel.

A fun project Jean-Paul is also immensely proud of, is his involvement in producing and composing the music for an audio book dedicated to children named: "Le Voyage du Prince Tudorpah" in which he also performed the Casting and Directing of the voices supported by his compositions.

The completion of this project won Jean-Paul the 2012 best audio book for kids.

More recently, Jean-Paul scored the soundtrack of Nora Hamdi's new feature film: " La Maquisarde", which music is published by Music Partner and available at this link:!explorer?b=7257396

Jean-Paul loves researching, experimenting orchestra waves of strings with electronic sounds. He is as comfortable composing with his guitar as he is with his keyboards.

His working setup is composed of an Imac with MOTU interface and digital performer software, a platform he considers being the best for scoring.

Part of the setup are Reaktor and Kontakt from Native Instruments as well as the Spectrasonic suite.

Jean-Paul handles everything from composing to mastering, including mixing his own music which he delivers in stereo. The technical challenge for Jean Paul is to reproduce accurately the sounds set in his mind.

Computers and software have completely changed the way music is created. You can do it all from the confines of a small studio, and edit in real time as you see fit, offering flexibility and freedom.

Jean-Paul has chosen to work with Music Partner because of the truly innovative and original model to publish and license music to the world, moreover, working with Music Partner is fun.

Samples of Jean Paul Le Goff's music are available here:!artist?id=404468