July 2020

Music Partner is proud to have a diversified library with composers coming from the four corners of the world.

This month we are “zooming” on Ukrainian musicians and composer Ihor Vitsinskyy.

Ihor began playing the piano early and was 13 years old when he started writing original compositions. The decision to become a professional was easy to make.

Playing with rock and pop bands from all over Ukraine, Ihor worked as an arranger for other artists music and began composing for images five years ago.

His creative process follows the same pattern. The number one objective is to have a very well-produced music and therefore, Ihor listens to other well produced music, not to source inspiration on the composition as to identify structurally how the music has been produced.

Noting the extended sustain in the violin or the brass harmonies, the balance of different tones.

Strong of his understanding, Ihor enters his studio and records his own compositions, applying details and techniques in mixing he made note of from other well produced music.

Equally as important than a well-produced piece of music, is how music conveys emotions to the listener, which is the main role of a composer, especially when creating for images.

The range of emotions is large, from sad to heart beating suspense, for Ihor Vitsinskyy, a well-produced music conveying the sought-after emotion is what it is all about.

Ihor main influences are wide ranging, from The Beatles to Tchaikovsky, he will find something interesting in all styles and all genres.

He also sources his inspiration in the music of John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, Andre Gagnon or Rachmaninov.

Ihor favorite score is the main theme from “Schindler’s List”. He says that specific composition from John Williams is so powerful it would make you cry.

You may have heard of Ihor’s soundtracks in TV shows and documentaries such as “100 days until the 2018 winter Olympics” (NBC) or “Atlantis Rising” by James Cameron for National Geographic. Many unscripted TV shows have used Ihor Vitsinskyy music.

He composes in many genres but enjoys more specifically working on romantic and joyful music.

His studio setup is:

- Neuman KH120 and Fostex 6301b monitors – AKG 712 Pro headphones – Kawai MP7 SE stage piano and midi controller – Roli Seaboard – RME Babyface

- He uses Logic Pro X as a working platform with a Mac computer.

- The only thing Ihor wishes he had: a Steinway Grand Piano.

Ihor mixes his own music, mixing and mastering is the most challenging process from his point of view. He delivers his music to Music Partner with stems.

Computers have been the essential tools used by composers. Ihor says that sound banks and plug-ins have allowed for a one-man orchestra.

Ihor believes the new model provided by Music Partner is a game changer, he also enjoys working with a fun team of passionate people. (Thank you Ihor)

You may check Ihor Vitsinskyy music in the Music Partner Library: