February 2021

Music Partner is proud to count Gaby Mour in its team of composers.

Born in Morocco, she grew up in the South of France. Gaby started playing the piano at 5. She composed her first tunes at 12 and signed her first professional contract with Polydor / Universal Music at 18. Classical studies have been a solid foundation to Gaby's career. She performed her own compositions in different venues in Paris, but also composing and arranging music for others. Later, she settled her studio in Los Angeles and has been working there ever since.

We cannot classify Gaby's music. Her inspiration crosses genres and moods. When Composing for media, Gaby will create whatever you want her to, with grace and sensitivity.

Her creative process begins with notes taking of musical references given to her, specific requests, and overall artistic direction of the project. She would ask the Director about the story and to describe the atmosphere, what the expectations are, but also what is not to be considered. After her own analysis, she creates the working templates on her "Logic-Pro" software, with a palette of sounds and effects, very much like a painter facing a canvas. Step by step, the foundation of a music piece comes to mind, she records it and elaborates.

She would prefer to see the rough cuts if available but sometimes, imagining the scene makes you create with unaltered emotions. If Gaby has already worked with a Director, she will grasp quickly the Director's expectations.

When composing, Gaby likes to challenge herself in finding the right balance, mixing sounds of different colors with dynamics. She enjoys the puzzle process of finding the right piece.

When asked about a project she is especially proud of, Gaby always put the best of herself in all the projects she is involved with and cannot choose one over the other.

On her resume, the score of the film "Silent" or the strings arrangement for the latest album of Grammy winner band: "All-4-One". Gaby has composed multiple music for TV shows in Germany and Italy.

Classical music is still an important influence on Gaby, especially when composing for orchestra but she enjoys composing short sequences for trailers as well or creating her own sound design for tracks.

She likes the cinematic process using full orchestra sounds whether epic or romantic stories.

Gaby is working on mac Pro, Catalina OS, composes on Logic pro-10.6.1, mixes on Pro Tools Ultimate with Avid HDX and Soundgrid interfaces, Focal Twin B6 speakers, SSL and Universal Audio Preamp. She is happy with this specific set-up, allowing to mix her own music she provided on stems.

While mixing orchestral sounds is challenging, Gaby is always up to the challenge and delivers outstanding music tracks. Nowadays, software has made music production so much easier, gaining time and freedom, Gaby is taking full advantage of the unlimited possibilities.

The business model of Music Partner has seduced Gaby who likes the "win /win" solutions. Filmmakers do not need to spend a fortune or anything at all to acquire high quality music for their projects. A new opportunity to have Gaby's music considered while helping filmmakers and TV show producers.

You may listen to samples of Gaby Mour's music at the following link.!artist?id=505605