June 2021

In our series introducing talents behind Music Partner's library, we are pleased to introduce Frank Dana this month.

At the age of 7, Frank wanted to play the guitar and took some lessons. After practicing and progressing in his technique, Frank wanted to play with other and share the fun. He joined a band at 16, playing for events and clubs. Quickly, the desire to create his own music led him to write his own, playing with other bands until he joined the group "Residence Nocturne" with whom he played the guitar and signed with record label EMI, recording the single "Plus Jamais Pareil" in 1987. The promotion of "Residence Nocturne" made him tour local TV and radio stations, along with the recording of a video clip.

Since then, Frank settled in Lyon, France where he is now working in his own studio.

When creating, Frank always starts with the picture provided by Directors or floating in his mind, as images are triggers to his inspiration. Some of the music inspiring Frank are the Beatles songs and especially the "Abbey Road" album. Everything Lennon and McCartney produced together or independently are a source of reference. David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Lalo Schifrin or Rachmaninov have also influenced Frank. Speaking of references, Frank's favorite score is "Deborah's Theme" composed by Ennio Morricone for "Once Upon a Time in America" and directed by Sergio Leone in 1984. Frank describes the music as amazingly beautiful, bringing powerful emotions every single time he listens to it.

While Frank is coming from a pop/rock background, he is interested in all genres and listens to a large variety of styles from classical to world music. Frank was introduced to Music Partner through Yvan Ackerman who was featured in our blog last October. He liked our business model and was excited to be part of the composers' team.

Frank has also a strong business side, as he was the General Manager of a company that imported and distributed noted instruments such as "Martin guitars" and "Warwick basses" for 18 years. He never gave up his musician career, but this job took a lot of his time. Today, most of Frank 's time is dedicated to musical creation.

Frank is working on MAC with Logic Pro X software, Neumann microphones and monitors, a few keyboards and guitars. To complete his setup, Frank would love to find a vintage tube compressor. He is mixing his own music and delivers it per client specs. Like with many composers, Frank finds final mixing the most challenging part.

Being a professional since the mid 80's, Frank witnessed the evolution of the recording technology and the apparition of the home workstation. This evolution has liberated Frank from the dependence of external studios and their associated costs.

Samples of Frank Dana’s music are available here.!explorer?s=Frank%20Dana