July 2021

Andrea Dee is one of the new voices illustrating today’s Pop music.

Residing in London UK, city known for being a cultural melting pot, Andrea has developed a love affair with music since she was 12. She attended an art school majoring in literature with acting, dancing, and singing curriculum in Paris, then moved to Las Vegas to attend a school of performing arts majoring in singing. She took piano lessons and really got inspired to compose her own music and write her own lyrics before being aware it would become her life's work. After graduating the Las Vegas school of performing arts, Andrea worked for "Jubilee", a mega production staple of the Bally's resort and casino. Performing 6 night a week with 2 shows per night was her first professional experience.

She then moved to New York City to expand on her songwriting skills and benefit from the multi-cultural environment New York represents. There, in between attending tables in a restaurant, she performed every week.

Andrea's talent goes beyond her voice, she writes all her lyrics and composes all her music. Andrea always follows her instincts, however she finds following her first ideas challenging and does a lot of rewriting, maybe sometimes unnecessarily so.

During the lockdown, she started doing live streaming shows where after singing one of her song, the audience was asked to write a song lyrics on the spot and Andrea would improvise a melody with these lyrics. Because of the spontaneity of the exercise, it taught her to have more confidence in her songwriting abilities.

Andrea's sources of inspiration are diverse, as she mainly draws from personal experience and conversations on multiple topics. When an idea comes to her mind, she loves to express her feelings to create a great song.

Her influences are as various as her sources of inspiration. She listens to artists as diverse as Tina Turner, Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, or Queen.

Her album "Truth & Dare" has been a labor of love and Andrea is specifically proud of the tunes "Give me Love" which was the first song she fully produced, as well as "Je Suis Seule" sung in French.

Whether Electro pop, Indie or rock, Andrea loves to venture in crossover genres to create her own atmosphere. She is a versatile artist as comfortable writing/composing as she is recording. Her main music rig includes a Nord keyboard workstation, Shure microphones, and Focusrite DAW interface used with Logic Pro & Pro Tools. Sometimes, depending on the song, she will add live instruments to bring more complex textures to her music. She is dreaming of recording an album in the mythic 'Abbey Road" studio made famous by the Beatles.

Andrea loves the challenge of mixing her music for different formats and media devices. Music is listened on so many different devices today and data compression can adversely affect the quality. Her ambition is to ensure the utmost listening experience possible on all formats.

Andrea has chosen to work with Music Partner because of the team positive energy and the identity of the company, introducing revolutionary licensing models while respecting Artists and Composers.

Every song of her album "Truth & Dare" comes with a video clip. As a fun anecdote, while filming the clip for "Aller", an outdoor sequence was scheduled during wintertime, but Andrea and the Producers wanted to give it a summer feel so she wore a summer outfit in a 10-degree weather. The shoots went on for over 2 hours until they realized there was no memory card in the camera. The clip was eventually shot in a sheltered space rented for rehearsals. You can never be too focused on important details!

Samples of Andrea Dee’s music are available here.!artist?id=556518