Yvan Ackermann who is featured as our composer this month, has created the soundtrack of "Alors j'ai préféré la nuit" published by Music Partner who would like to congratulate the multi-talented Photographer, Writer & film Director Mamadou Mahmoud N'Dongo for his feature film. Adapted from his own theater play. The story depicts men and women in a bar the night of December 31st describing their solitude and disillusions while trying to find solace.

The story is a reflection on our modern lives, a quest for deeper relationships, the realization of living a different life than what we expected. With our society in crisis as a background, Mamadou Mahmoud N'Dongo's film acts as a mirror, reminding us that happiness is ephemeral and elusive.

Yvan Ackermann beautifully follows the intimate and quiet settings making the movie such a unique experience.

Bravo to Mamadou and Yvan, we are so proud to be associated with this project! The album is available on Music Partner's library at the link below:!explorer?b=7445314